What Can Happen If You Get Cancer?

Cancer has been a very serious disease since ancient times. This battle has been ongoing for many years. It was even documented in ancient Egyptian writings. Even today, we still hear about the horrible effects this terrible disease has on people. We are all familiar with it and may even have known of someone who has been diagnosed. There are so many types of cancer. This is what makes it even worse. These variants may be specific and localized to a part of your body. Each variant can cause damage that is specific to a particular organ or section of your body.

Organs of Interest

Through scientific research, we have discovered multiple types of cancer. Cancer is a disease that has the uncontrolled growth and spread of cells. These cells start in the organs of the body. These cells can be classified into cancers. Different kinds of this disease have different effects on the organs. These cancers might require special treatment and management.

Bowel Cancer

Bowel cancer is also known as colon cancer or rectal cancer. This is where cancer cells are found and begin in the large bowel. This can manifest with bowel movement problems and abdominal pains. If you have this specific cancer, it is possible that you have had frequent bloody stool or bowel habits that cause you to defecate more often.

Brain Cancer

This type of cancer can be considered a more complicated one. There has been high interest in this field of organoid brain cancer research since brain cancer is rare. This usually happens to patients with a history of the disease or who are currently suffering from another form of cancer. Metastasis is the most common start of brain cancer. Metastasis is the process where cancer cells spread to other parts of the body. Statistics and research show that metastatic brain tumors have a lower survival rate than primary cancer. Many symptoms are not usual and may not be recognized by the majority of people. These symptoms could include a new or increased frequency in headaches, nausea, vomiting, difficulty maintaining balance, fatigue, and other symptoms. As the disease develops, it can be very distressing.

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the most prevalent type. These cancers are extremely common and have increased for many decades. These cancers are mainly caused by secondhand smoke, smoking, and asbestos. There was a significant influx of regular smokers from the 1950s to the 1990s. More than half of the population smoked tobacco during these years, and many others were exposed to secondhand smoke. Smoking is seen as a hobby and a way of relieving stress. This resulted in an increase in lung cancer diagnoses. Lung cancer patients were also more likely to have children that are susceptible to this disease. Asbestos has been used in many buildings over the years, making this a high risk for lung cancer even for people who have not smoked.

Bladder Cancer

Lung cancer could also be a factor in bladder cancer. Bladder cancer research has been conducted and has been defined with a primary cause; the leading cause of bladder cancer is the smoking of tobacco products. Tobacco smoking can lead to cancerous chemicals in the bloodstream. Our kidneys filter the carcinogens out of our bodies, and these carcinogens are then eliminated from the body, but these carcinogenic substances are then stored in your bladder. This type of cancer can cause unpleasant sensations when urinating. This type of cancer can lead to problems like bloody urine and difficulty urinating.


There are many types. They can spread to other types and cause them to metastasize. It can lead to a host of symptoms that make it difficult to live with. There are many kinds of cancer. These cancers require special management and treatment. One thing is certain: this disease must be prevented. This disease can be prevented by making lifestyle changes and avoiding bad habits.