Top 3 Viking Characters that are Historical Figures or Made an Impact on the Show

How well is the TV show paying tribute to the real Vikings? Together with the Vikings’ final phase, it is hard to know what to do without the dash of war, Vikings TV show tattoos, steamy relationships, and extreme power struggles. For seven decades, the show has given us a healthy dose of suspense and excitement while also offering insight into a past life and relevant challenges and individuals.

Listed are the Three Principal Characters in our Viking List

Nevertheless, they had a lot Of artistic licenses. It is difficult to tell which characters were based on actual people and who was fictional. Several characters interacted in the series, which could have been factual, but they would never have seen each other in real life or lived in different intervals.

Ragnar of Lothbrok

While Ragnar Lothbrok was the central part of the first few seasons of the show, he was not the person you watched TV. Stories of his life are composed in several historical texts as if he had been real, but many people think he is a selection of a couple of different people.


He was famously known to be the very first Viking to attack England and France. Since he lived in the early mid-nineteenth century, he would have come after other Vikings had seen the countries. Some assume that he (or one of those people on whom he is based) was the first to install settlements and claim land in the conquered territories.

In the TV show, He was also married to Lagertha and Aslaug, but he married Princess Thora in real life.


Most accounts Suggest he died in England, possibly by being thrown into a snake pit by King Lalla at Northumbria or from King Edmund’s departure in East Anglia. Some reports claim he died during a Viking siege in France.



In the film, Lagertha begins as a simple farmer as well as the spouse of Ragnar Lothbrok. She’s powerful and intelligent, both as a pioneer and a shieldmaiden which made her quickly obtain power and respect in the show. Lagertha tattoos from tv show Vikings also posted significant meaning. Click here to see more lettering tattoos meaning.


In fact, Lagertha will help Ragnar win wars, and she’s so enamored with her power that they will finally marry. They’ve got three kids, including a son, though it’s not Bjorn Ironside as seen in the series. Ragnar eventually will leave her, but unlike the film, it is for Princess Thora, not Aslaug.


Though her Narrative relies on an ancient record, most historians don’t think it occurred. They believe it’s a representation of mighty women warriors as opposed to an actual individual.



Rollo is an Important historical figure, although he existed after the events he observed in the movie. He was not Ragnar’s kid, but he had been born about AD 860, decades after Ragnar’s life.


He raided France And became famous for the siege of Paris in 885 AD. He was finally given land around the lower Seine when Charles the Simple chose to let him have it in exchange for his protection against other Vikings. Here, Rollo made the Duchy of Normandy and mastered it from AD 911 to AD 927. He was also the great-great-great-grandfather of William the Conqueror, who later became William I of England.


He could have Married Princess Gisla in real life, also, when he had been given the land. She may only be five years old at the time.