The Essential Steps to Landscape Design

Looking to breathe new life into your landscape? Whether you’re imagining vibrant planting beds surrounding a lush green lawn; a full yard hotel complete with a pool, outdoor kitchen, and ample patio; or anything in between, we can’t wait to bring your vision to life! 

We are aware that starting a landscaping project can appear daunting. You could be wondering, “How do I get started?”, or even, “Will they work with my budget?”

At Hollandia Outdoor Living Concepts, we are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of each customer we connect with–whatever the undertaking, and at every stage of the job. To assist you to know what to expect from partnering with us, we detailed the following simple steps of our landscape design and installation process: Check here.

Phase 1: First Appointment–Getting to Know You

Once you reach out to us by telephone, email, or the contact form on the website, we schedule an initial appointment to get to know you.

Our designers believe that the very first appointment can be the most important step of the full procedure.

This is our opportunity to learn about you, your likes and dislikes, and really determine what it is you’re looking to do with your landscaping job. We invest as much time as needed in this stage to develop a good understanding of your goals so we can find the proper solutions and design the perfect space.

Our designers will ask a whole lot of questions throughout this appointment, including:

  • What exactly are you looking to change in your yard or landscape?
  • What do you dislike or like or dislike about your current landscape?
  • What design style do you prefer? Formal design, natural, modern, cottage-feel, etc.
    • Having photos available of everything you like can be useful at this point. Not everybody interprets a specific design style in the same manner!
  • What plants are the favorites, or what colors do you like the most?
  • Can be more/less privacy a concern? What views on the property are important to enhance or block?
  • During what season would you want to see the landscape at its very best? Are four seasons of curiosity that a priority?
  • How do you want to use the space?
  • Have you got some drainage issues that need to be dealt with?
  • Just how much maintenance are you prepared to do after the project, or are you going to contract that out?

If you only have a rough idea about what you’re looking for or don’t believe that you can answer some of these questions, do not worry! Our experienced landscape designers can help you produce the ideal vision for your space.

We will also ask you in your budget and if you’d like to do the job all at once or in stages. Our designers do a fantastic job of supplying ballpark figures of just how much a project could cost dependent on the conversation in this first appointment. While we can’t provide exact figures at this stage, we like to place budget guidelines set up so that we can design a solution that will fit your budget and prevent frustration down the road.

We establish that we’re a fantastic fit for one another in this meeting. We will then determine whether there’s a design fee required to move forward. Design fees vary depending upon the size and reach of the undertaking, and also not all jobs need a design fee. If both parties agree to proceed, we program a design presentation.

Phase 2: Design–Getting to Work

After we’ve met with you personally and decided that the goals of your job, we spend time on your own property to analyze the website further.

We take extensive measurements of the property lines, construction places, existing vegetation, patios, and driveways. We take photos at this time as well.

We then come back to the office and start designing.

For many projects, we’ll produce a 3D design with our 3D landscaping software. You will have the ability to see your house and existing features surrounded by the new landscape we have designed for you.

This will prevent the frustration of trying to comprehend and visualize a 2D print, plus it enables us to create changes on the fly if necessary. All in all, the 3D design will save you money and time.

Phase 3: Design Presentation/Proposal Review

We schedule the first design review within two weeks of your first appointment with us. This appointment can take place in our office or at your location.

Together, we review how the landscape design, plants, and material selection and discuss how the property is going to be changed. Small changes can be made to the design at the moment as needed. If more important changes to the design will be needed, a second meeting will be scheduled.

We then examine the actual proposal at this time. For bigger projects, the first presentation may include a conceptual design and budget proposal. Another appointment is set for a last design presentation and suggestion. Read this article to find out more.

Phase 4: Setup

The installation method is scheduled to begin after a signed agreement is received with a deposit. We begin ordering materials, scheduling subcontractors, pulling permits, and finding utility lines. We update you frequently regarding schedule updates.

During the building, the designer will make daily site visits to ensure the project has been installed according to the design. The designer will remain your primary contact during the duration of the job.

Phase 5: Care

Nearly every project requires some annual maintenance. We love the chance to keep what we installed. We can customize a maintenance plan to keep your yard and landscape looking good so that you may enjoy your spare time on your improved distance!

In Hollandia, each step of the process is designed to set the stage for a successful outcome. We work hard to ensure that the consequence of your project not only lives up to your eyesight but exceeds your expectations. Interested in establishing a landscaping project? Get in touch!