How Does Digital Marketing Help Startups and Save Businesses

With the evolution of modern technology, small and medium-sized businesses are doing everything they can to keep floating in the market. Why not? You’ve probably spent months or years developing your business. And now, you’re finding it hard to bring in new customers and retain existing ones. 

So, what are you doing wrong? 

Digital marketing may be the answer. 

What Is Digital Marketing?

Simply, digital marketing is using the internet and other forms of digital communication to connect to potential customers and promote brands. 

This could be in the form of:

  • Email and automation
  • Social media (Instagram, Facebook marketing)
  • Web-based advertising
  • Text and multimedia messages
  • Mobile apps

The bottom line is, it’s called digital marketing if a marketing campaign involves digital communication.    

Why Do You Need Digital Marketing?

Advertisement plays an important role in business growth. Not so long ago, traditional advertisements, such as placing ads in newspapers, televisions, and billboards, were crucial (and expensive) to get your customer’s attention. While they are still relevant today, the shift of modern consumers to online interaction with businesses should be considered.

If a potential customer wants to buy a product or service, the first thing they do is to search Google. The first five or probably ten that come up will be the only ones that capture their attention. They will now click these ten websites. Without the proper digital marketing strategy, your company may not make it to the first five, or let alone ten! As a result, potential customers online will never know about your products or services unless they hear it from somebody who already knows about your company.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

It Reaches Customers Where They Are

According to statistics, a whopping 4.66 billion people worldwide are active internet users. That’s 59.5% of the global population! In addition, 4.32 billion or 92.6% of these users access the internet via their mobile phones.

This means that even if they leave their house, they can still surf the internet. By increasing your business’s online presence, you can speak to potential customers anytime and anywhere.

Low Cost

If you’ve been in the business for a long time, you know that marketing and advertising costs take a large portion of your budget plan. While giant companies may not have much trouble throwing millions for advertising and marketing, this is a burden or maybe a nightmare to small business owners. 

Fortunately, digital marketing costs are relatively lower than traditional advertising. For instance, you can send thousands of emails to potential customers on your mailing list by subscribing to an email marketing provider with just a few bucks.

Results Are Easy to Track

You can easily see the success of your digital campaign or how it’s performing. For instance, Google AdWords manager allows you to monitor your ad’s performance on Google search. It’s easy to know how many people viewed your ads and learn about their conversion rates.

Easy to Adjust

You will know how to proceed once you know the performance of your ads. If it’s performing well, you can invest more in it in just one click. If it’s not delivering well as you expected, you can easily adjust it based on the situation or stop it altogether. 

Personalization and Greater Engagement

If your customers visit your website, you can greet them with targeted offers. But before that happens, you have to ensure that you stay relevant to them through continuous engagement. 


You can use various digital media channels to answer customer questions, resolve issues, and even generate sales. This can be achieved via newsletters, shows, promotions, and valuable blog posts. Your goal here is to hold your customers’ attention as long as possible while building trust and a credible reputation.

Importance of Digital Marketing Experts

Working with a digital marketing agency, like Digital Envy, means more leads converting to customers. They know how to determine the best online platforms to invest in, evaluate your website traffic, and maintain the balance between your marketing strategies and the results they provide.

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