Does a Private Landlord Need the Services of a Lettings Agent?

The most difficult part of being a landlord is finding a new tenant.  In the short term, filling a vacancy as soon as possible and ensuring rent payment are priorities. Finding great tenants who appreciate and improve your house while also avoiding falling behind on their rent is essential to keeping your property in good long-term condition. Agents are well-equipped to ensure that if a tenant vacates a property, a new renter can be found as soon as possible. Using their services, you will be better able to determine the value of your home and show it in the best possible light to prospective tenants. In some instances, they may already have the perfect applicant on standby to fill the position. Once they’ve found the ideal tenant, they’ll swiftly write a contract and do credit checks to ensure that they’ll be a solid long-term fit for your house and your neighborhood.

The Benefits of Hiring an Agent

Landlords now, more than ever, need extensive lettings expertise and understanding to successfully navigate the lettings process. More specifically, let us examine the rental market as well as letting management services in more depth.

Fight Against the Pandemic

A lettings agency is well-prepared to deal with the more complicated situations that may emerge. Let’s suppose a tenant is having difficulty making their rent payments or is getting behind on their prices. In such a situation, we will act as a mediator to prevent things from getting out of hand and find an acceptable solution for everyone involved. Because of the agent’s extensive national database of properties and tenants, we can quickly find alternate accommodation for suffering renters to avoid substantial arrears from occurring. We may also choose to replace them with tenants who are better suitable for the property.

Regional Lockdowns 

If you don’t live in the same neighborhood as your rented house, the potential of local lockdowns may be a source of worry for you and your family. Because of the relationship between the buyer and the local realtor, there will always be someone accessible to inspect and see the property. If the government restricts travel between different regions, this may help to reduce the amount of time and money spent traveling.

Assistance and Advice

During a pandemic, property regulations and recommendations are constantly changing, making it difficult and time-consuming to stay on top of things. Having confidence in the agent’s team of skilled and qualified property experts offers peace of mind and assurance that a property is always managed following the law and industry standards. They understand the necessity of providing a streamlined service to local housing authorities.

Safe Maintenance

The repair of a vehicle under Covid needs a greater level of attentiveness and extra equipment and procedures. The first issue is whether or not it is allowed to get access to the property. Sure, residents may need more care depending on their susceptibility or shielding; second, protective clothing may be required. There is nothing that can provide a landlord more peace of mind than a guaranteed rent.



Leasing agents have seen a rollercoaster ride as a result of the pandemic. Various issues, ranging from mass evictions to constantly changing laws and regulations, have presented challenges to even the most seasoned landlords. Working with an agent reduces stress and gives the customer the assurance that everything is being done to the highest possible standard and in the client’s best interests, which is invaluable. It may also provide you with the assurance that the critical quality tenant stream will not be interrupted.