Choosing the Right Air Conditioner for Your Needs

Increasing summer temperatures may force you to think about getting a new air conditioner. There are a number of things to take into account before buying an air conditioning unit. It is best to determine what sort of unit will best fit your requirements and what size the unit should be. The size of this unit and the efficiency of an air conditioner will finally determine its usefulness and functionality. Remember that an incorrectly sized device or one located in a window getting a lot of sunlight will cost more to operate and perform at reduced standards.

Choosing the Right Air Conditioning Unit for Your Specific Requirements

Prior to selecting an air conditioner, it’s necessary to take into account the amount of rooms and the size of these rooms in your house. This will choose the type of device which you need based on your needs.

Once you’ve got the information about your house and your needs, you can think about the type of device that will meet your needs.

Portable Units are to get a little space or single room which requires infrequent cooling. These are portable and can be readily transferred from one room to another in your property. Wall Units are for rooms that are single or smaller spaces but do not offer the ease of being portable. Split System Components are for larger rooms or rooms inside the home that require cooling. Units are best suited to keep your home comfortable and cool.

Types of Air Conditioning Units

Air conditioners can typically be divided into compact systems and supply systems. Compact systems, also known as room air conditioners, are created to circulate air inside confined or (semi-confined) spaces. These Compact Units installed or could be freestanding in walls and windows. They can be installed easily by the owner and might be formatted to get double-hung or slider windows.

Window air conditioners will be the least expensive components, whilst through-the-wall versions are somewhat pricier and are held in place with a metal sleeve. Freestanding portable air conditioners are tall and are put in a custom wheeled cabinet that has to be located close to a window or another way of ventilation. In certain versions, the warmth collects in a tray and has to be emptied. HVAC: Cambridge Air Conditioning & Furnace Repair and Installation

What Determines the Cost Differentials Between Units?

Cost differences are determined by features such as precise temperature adjustment, remote controls, controlled temperature alternatives, and heating capabilities. It’s a good idea to consider a low noise air conditioning unit to bedroom or your living room, and be certain that the unit is set up to reduce noises that are potential like rattling.

Other Costs to Consider

Many homeowners decide upon an air conditioning unit without asking about additional accessories like air conditioner covers (for winterizing) or air conditioner filters (which typically have to be replaced in whole house systems). Many of the air conditioning units have a longer filter life and greater energy star ratings that will help save you money due to those energy expenses. The difference can be made by choosing the proper air conditioner for your needs in remaining cool and saving money.

It’s impossible to predict when you will require a new air conditioner, but by purchasing off-season, you can save yourself money. If the unit will be used 13, many homeowners opt for lower-priced models. Before making a buy, shop around.


A ducted AC system is one that supplies cooling to multiple chambers through a set of ducts that are generally installed in the roof of your house. This can be a complex system that is significantly more costly than other types of systems and needs the installation of a professional. installing a new air conditioner


An underfloor heating system operates by drawing warm air from the exterior and turning it into cool air in your house. This is less costly and more energy efficient than a AC system and needs the services of a contractor for its setup. This works best in areas with low humidity.


A refrigerated air conditioner uses the evaporation of a refrigerant liquid to give cooling. It is several households’ choice since it functions in weather and lowers humidity inside homes. Talk to our experts here at Hogg

Reverse cycle

This is a 2-in-one heating and heating system which operates well in homes that experience seasonal hot and cold temperatures because the opposite osmosis unit can be used as a heating and cooling system depending on what you require.

Split kind

A split AC system supplies cooling comfort employing an indoor and outdoor unit. The split type is preferred to ducted air conditioners as it is relatively more easy to install. Based on the size of the space you intend to cool, the split kind unit can also be more energy efficient compared to a window type air conditioner.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the system That’s Right for you:


Mobile evaporative coolers are the least expensive, followed by window mounted types. Type units may cost more than all types and the window but not as much as the ducted air conditioning program that entails another expense for expert setup.

Energy costs

At Australia, producers have to exhibit the Energy Rating Label comprising a star score for greenhouse gas emissions and also useful information regarding the energy consumption of an air conditioner. Overall energy intake is expressed in kilowatts per hour (KWH) while a high star rating means fewer greenhouse gas emissions. To save on energy bills, start looking for a unit which shows a KWH consumption.


The heating capacity that’s expressed in kilowatts should be proportionate to the dimensions of the room. Know the measurement to arrive at the proper cooling capability for the AC of your room.

Additional things which can affect your choice include noise levels and appliance enhancements such as the remote controller, timer and digital thermostat. These days is fast and convenient since you are able to compare specifications and characteristics of many models online.