Benefits of Foot Care Treatment

Often, we take our feet for granted. We forget that we depend on them every day to stay active and mobile until our old age. Though it’s far from your heart, the health of your feet can impact your overall well-being. Moreover, ignoring any foot pain can lead to more severe foot conditions. It also helps when you avoid harmful habits like not wearing too-tight shoes, avoiding “DIY surgery” on an ingrown nail or shaving calluses, etc. Essentially, visiting professional foot care clinics like Feet In Motion should be among your health priorities.

As a full-service foot and ankle clinic, Feet In Motion services include:

  • Toenail surgery
  • General foot care
  • Foot injection therapy
  • Foot mobilization therapy
  • Diabetic foot care
  • Shockwave therapy
  • Compression stockings
  • Orthopedic footwear

Foot Care Advantages

Treat Common Foot and Toe Infections 

Your foot’s skin is prone to many common infections since the dark and damp environment in your shoes allows fungus, bacteria, and viruses to thrive. When you have a foot infection, you may notice signs, such as redness around your toes or visible warts at the bottom of your soles. On the other hand, itchiness or a bad smell may indicate a fungal infection. These conditions will be treated on your regular foot care appointments.

Manage Current Health Conditions

Some health conditions can lead to severe foot problems. For instance, people with diabetes can also suffer from corns, bunions, calluses, fungal infections, hammertoes, skin dryness, and ingrown toenails. These usually occur due to the vascular and nerve damage caused by diabetes. So, it’s important that diabetic wounds be managed by foot care treatments to protect mobility.

Moreover, arthritis affects the ankle and foot joints. Because this condition is progressive, receiving professional and proper foot care like gentle stretches can manage pain and ease joint stiffness. 

Relieve Pain

Foot pain can lead to mobility problems, resulting in reduced quality of life. When you have trouble walking, it can become difficult to go to work or places you need to be. It could also progress into risky conditions if not treated. 

Many common foot problems exist below the surface of your skin. Sometimes, a trained eye combined with state-of-the-art technology can identify the source of your pain. Whether it’s chronic or simple pain, visiting an experienced podiatrist helps you get the most enjoyment out of life. They may prescribe custom-made orthotics as part of your treatment plan. 

Get Back in the Game After an Injury

It’s common for athletes to experience foot injuries now and then. Sometimes, they suddenly feel pain during games, practices, or workouts without knowing where and how it began. Because our foot is a complex system of joints, nerves, and ligaments, it’s always best to visit an experienced podiatrist to find out exactly what’s wrong. At the same time, they will recommend treatment plans that involve pain management, depending on your situation.

Learn Preventive Practices

Your lifestyle, including the things you do every day, plays a vital role in your foot’s health that can lead to chronic pain. For example, wearing high heels can cause heel and arch pain. Also, poor posture may result in uneven weight distribution across your feet, or toenails clipping incorrectly can all lead to foot conditions requiring treatments.

During your appointment, they will educate you about common foot conditions, along with the keys to prevention and recovery. This can also be your chance to ask any questions you may have regarding foot health and problems.