6 Top Strategies to Design Your Website to Increase Sales

Leaving a good impression on visitors is one of the most important goals you want to achieve in your business. Whatever products or services you provide, you want them to become customers and generate sales. Imagine how easy it is to purchase everything online with just one click without having to get stuck in traffic.

But if you have a poorly designed website, you might scare them away. It will cause trust and credibility issues rather than establishing it. In order to boost sales, you may want to redesign your website as one of your strategies.

What Exactly Is a Properly-Designed Website?

According to Stanford research, 75 percent of customers evaluate a company’s credibility based on the design of their website. The bottom line is, you want your website to stand out and encourage engagement from the audience. Here are some essential and valuable suggestions to help you design an excellent website:

  • With a clear goal
  • It’s visually appealing
  • Simple yet attractive
  • With relevant and original content
  • The navigation is easy and well-organized
  • Grid-based layout
  • Visual hierarchy
  • The F-shaped pattern reading
  • Loading speed is fast
  • Mobile-friendly

How to Increase Sales Through Web Designs

1. Create an Original Call to Actions (CTAs)

Your call-to-actions are essential to increase sales through web design. If potential buyers are interested, they’ll find ways to proceed to the next steps, which is the buying process. The first thing they will find is your CTA to guide them on what to do next. Make sure that your CTAs are prominently visible on your site. 

2. Make Use of High-Quality Visuals

Select images, illustrations, videos, or any other kind of images that best reflect the personality of your brand. Make sure that your pictures are of high quality since they’re the first thing visitors see on your site. In fact, this is also an important factor in another brand strategy using logos.

For example, if the photos of your products are low quality, people may not be able to view these images. This could result in people thinking that your brand is not reliable and credible. Also, see to it that your photos are all original and not from any other websites like Google images.

3. Speed up Your Site

If your website is not loading fast, your sales may be affected. Did you know that a slow-loading site costs companies $2.6 billion in revenue each year? Good thing Google PageSpeed Insights enables you to view your current load time by inputting your URL. You may follow Google’s recommendations to improve your speed and then see how it goes. 

4. Ensure an Organized Navigation

Organize your navigation in a way that your customers can quickly and easily locate where your products or services are. You can achieve this by creating categories based on the type of services or products you provide. And then make separate related subcategories under broad categories. 

5. Integrate Responsive Design

Today, people use various devices to connect to the internet, including computers and mobile phones. Your visitors must be able to access your page from any device. For example, an audience who visits your website using a mobile phone must be able to access it without issues because the responsive design allows it to adapt to the screen’s smaller size.

6. Make it Simple

When it comes to web accessibility and user experience, nothing compares to simplicity. When designing a page, consider the colors, type, and imagery. Pick a palette of colors that best conveys your brand’s character and affects the attitude of your customers toward your business. Moreover, it’s always a best practice to use a maximum of three fonts.

Hiring Top Web Designers

Consider working with real designers if you are seriously looking forward to boosting your sales through web design. As soon as you have decided, set a budget and choose what kind of designer you want that fits your brand. You should look at their portfolio, read client testimonials, and check out their pricing. 

Most importantly, ask if they have other services and make sure that they have a branding strategy and execution.