Tips to Help You Get More Out Of Your Safety Shoes

You’ve invested money in an excellent pair of boots for work which will keep your feet secure while you carry out your job. If you wish to keep your shoes in good condition to last as long you can, it is essential to maintain them like you would with any other high-quality piece of footwear. The demands of our jobs are constant, so why not save money by rejuvenating your boots?

1. Select the Correct Size

Spending ten minutes extra to walk around in safety shoes can save you time and agony later when you need to work in them. If you visit the shop to buy mens work boots, put on the same socks you usually wear for work. Test on both pairs of boots and wander around the shop. The boots should feel comfortable immediately. 

It is not the right time to purchase boots based on the cost. If you take care of your boots, they will last longer and offer more comfort than a flimsy pair that isn’t fitting well. Making sure you purchase the correct boots at the beginning will save time and cost.

2. Switch Your Boots Around

If you own another pair of work boots and have a second pair, wearing them in alternating order is a great idea. It is similar to the way marathoners change their shoes during training. If you’re walking or standing at a job site for hours, or beating on the road for hours, switching from two pairs of safe footwear can prolong their lifespan. One reason is the fact that we sweat in our footwear for hours. The moisture erodes the leather and insoles. Letting your shoes dry over a day can prolong the life of your footwear.

3. Keep the Leather Supple

Leather is a natural substance. Wear and dryness cause the breakdown of leather and reduce the stability of boots. Apply a moisturizing lotion to protect your leather every week. It’s less than ten dollars and can be purchased in any department or shoe retailer. Spending just two minutes caring for your safety footwear will not just keep the leather hydrated but also extend its lifespan.

4. Use a Neoprene Boot Cover

Safety footwear is essential to ensure your safety and reduce liability. The workplace is usually inside. Wearing work shoes outdoors brings rain, muck grime, snow, and dirt inside. It is not professional and can increase the cost of cleaning and time. The act of removing our safety boots and then returning them to tie them back up places an enormous strain on the heel, which causes the leather to tear.

Avoid the hassle and time of constantly removing and changing your boots and the risk of not wearing safety footwear in the first place when you visit the home of a customer. They’re washable, reusable, and can be worn over safety boots. They also come with an anti-slip grip that keeps your feet safe while working.

5. Keep Your Work Boots Clean

Covers for safety boots can keep it dry from the elements while walking indoors, but cleaning your shoes is just as crucial. Snow, mud, and grit can clog your soles. Because of the absence of ridges, your sole is unable to grip. If your safety shoes have snow or dirt on them, wash both the body of the boot and the soles. 

The mud dries the leather, while the ice salt is a scathing attack on it. A quick wipe of the shoes dry at the end of your day will significantly prolong the life that you have invested in. These five tips can save you money and extend the life of your boots.

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