Six Vital Reasons Why You Need Property Management Software

Applying property management software allows landlords to operate more efficiently, enhancing the management of their properties and often increasing the value of the investment they’ve made. Modern software systems offer landlords a range of ways of managing their properties and various tools designed specifically for them. While the quality of the software available to landlords continues to increase, the cost of using the program continues to fall.

What is the reason you should locate one?

The field of property management software has seen a revolution in the last five to 10 years. This kind of software has become an essential and economical source for landlords. In rental management services property assets, here are the top six reasons to utilize the software for managing your property.

Rent Collection Online

The property management company Oakland almost always allows online payments via integration or in-house service. Online costs increase collection and offer professionalism and accessibility for tenants. Offering ACH or debit cards, credit cards, and so on. for rent payments will encourage tenants to pay on time. It is also possible to stop going to the bank at the beginning of each month.


A good tenant-landlord relationship is based on a good relationship. The software facilitates this. Rental reminders, notifications for document signing and late fee notifications, and lease expiration reminders are sent promptly. Most property management software allows users to send an email or text message, app-based information to their tenants about maintenance, or an announcement to the community. The notifications are monitored and can be crucial in case of a dispute or the possibility of eviction.


Property management software is geared towards automation. Doing less work allows you to grow your business or relax. As landlords, you have to keep track of rent, record expenses, and prepare income statements. A good software program automates everything.

Additionally, online transactions are also recorded. You document the picture of the receipt from your Home Depot receipt and enter it into your software. Specific property management software allows users to connect their bank accounts to ensure that their spending can be recorded quickly. You’ll be organized to prepare for tax time. Feel free to visit their website at for further information.

Find Better Tenants

Tenants can be a nightmare and cost you both time and money. Property management software can help you find more suitable tenants. Most property management software comes with tools for advertising your property across various listing platforms. This will ensure that your candidates receive high-quality inquiries.

Property management software often offers screening services. It is beneficial to screen your tenants. The tenant’s credit score and criminal and eviction background can aid in avoiding headaches. A single platform listing, screening, and renting make it easier to manage the leasing process and result in more satisfied tenants.

Easy-To-Track Maintenance

Maintenance can be a hassle. The landlord doesn’t want to share their contact number. However, you could miss the deadline if you don’t regularly track your email. Sharing maintenance requests with employees can be difficult. Property management software typically includes an online maintenance portal that solves the two issues.

Tenants can provide maintenance descriptions as well as videos, images, as well as other details. The information is saved in your program. It is not the tenants. However, the program will be the one to communicate with you electronically. There is no need to disclose your details. It is possible to transfer tickets directly to the maintenance team or include them as sub-users in renting software. They’ll be able to access them immediately and will be able to set their notification preferences.

Dropbox Storage

The cloud storage option and capability to access your data from any location are handy. If you’ve been in property management for a long time, you’ve likely been told horror stories of landlords whose hard drives failed and erased years of rental history and company history. It’s a nightmare, mainly if you receive an email from the IRS (we don’t use the word “audit”).

The software minimizes the risk. It gives you private access to your information anywhere if a tenant wants to know about their debts while you’re working and you want to check your property management software on your mobile.


Modern software development has helped rental management, just like many companies. The tools that are affordable and practical are advancing. Property management software for free has many of the same features available in older, higher-priced versions. The choice of property management software will enhance your rental business.