Senior Home Safety: Tips to Successfully Senior Proofing Your House

The aging process is a natural part of life, but it can give challenges in one’s daily activities. As we age, we might lose some mobility, agility, and even the ability to see. Easy tasks like showering and cooking may become harmful and harder than in the past. It can also cause older people to fall and harm themselves due to the medication.

Ways to Make Your Home Senior Proof

Senior-proofing your house is possible if you’re worried about the security of your elderly family members. Local General Contractors provide a variety of home improvement and elderly care solutions that can be allocated and finished at a sensible price. When it involves improving the lives of our seniors, there are numerous choices that anybody can use, from in-home care to employing the help of loved ones to senior-proofing the home.

Keep the House Well-Lit

Numerous elders have trouble seeing, but this can be easily fixed by providing sufficient lighting throughout your home. Bright lights rather than warm yellow tones should be used for walkways, paths, stairs, and entrances, rather than the more conventional warm yellow colors. Eye lenses lose their capacity to identify cool light as we get older. 

However, there will come a time when you will be unable to care for your elderly parents because of the heavy burden on your shoulders. That being said, it is also recommended to take them to this active living facility to ensure the safety and health of your parent.

Safeguard the Bathroom

An elderly’s bathroom is one of the most dangerous areas in their house because of its regularly damp floorings. Keep slippery floorings out of the shower and bathroom by placing a non-slip floor covering beside them. It’s likewise excellent to put in grab bars near the toilet and shower to provide additional support.

Having a first aid kit ready in every bathroom is an additional precaution that should be taken. Consider buying a shower chair if your senior family members have difficulty standing for extended periods. On the other hand, if you cannot make senior proof your home, there is an alternative way to make your elderly parents safe. You can look for a community that offers senior homes in Orange County. In this way, they can live their life to the fullest while enjoying the amenities provided by the community.

Remove Any Tripping Hazards

Get rid of any possible tripping dangers in your home. Area rugs and throw rugs might look great, but they’re dangerous to walk on. It’s not worth putting yourself in danger to have a nice-looking space. Think about eliminating them from your residence. Keep tape and grips on hand if your senior loved one demands to keep their rugs.

Cords, both electrical and telephone, should not extend in areas that could be tripped over. Keeping them out of the way, either behind furnishings or along the walls, would be preferable to avoid accidents. However, If your elderly parent spends most of their time alone at home, this can have a negative impact on their health. Rancho Mission Viejo retirement community is ideal for those who want to maintain their physical and mental health.

Choose the Right Appliances

Keep putting yourself in the shoes of your seniors and try to see things from their viewpoint. It’s important to consider the restrictions our seniors handle when doing relatively basic tasks like boiling water.

Pick kitchen appliances with huge, easy-to-read controls and user-friendly interfaces to avoid negligent accidents, such as an electric kettle rather than a stovetop kettle or an induction cooker instead of a gas cooktop.


The idea of you attempting to senior proof their home might not go over well with your elderly family members and friends, so proceed with caution and consideration. You will be able to offer a risk-free and healthy environment for your senior family members by senior-proofing your home. There’s no better method to avoid illness than to take preventative actions.