Planning to Visit London? Places to Explore During Your Stay

Are you amongst the millions of individuals who dream of exploring the biggest city of England and the United Kingdom? Of course, everyone does. Suppose you have already booked a flight to London. But, you don’t have any idea where to stop by and spend time so you can have fun with the vacation trip. Then, you came to the right page; outlined in this write-up are the top-rated tourist spots in London.

Famous Tourist Spots in London

British Museum

Suppose you are one of those individuals astounded by the beauty of historical artifacts. In that case, this tourist spot could be the one for you. Fortunately, you can come to the British Museum safely by booking a taxi through the best cab apps in London using your smartphone. When you get there, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere while looking at the world’s finest collection of antiquities, featuring priceless relics from multiple countries such as Babylonia and China. Furthermore, you can likewise revel in the museum’s remarkable exhibitions introducing the diverse backstories of controversial items worldwide like Rosetta Stone.

Buckingham Palace

One of the most classical buildings in London is Buckingham Palace, considering its pomp and circumstance landscapes and display. In that specific ground where the royal residence is situated is likewise the area where the switching of the guard takes place. For many people, particularly visitors, this is a must-see event. Moreover, everybody anticipates seeing the performance of the colorful and well-defined marching band. Plus, their parade around the palace makes it extra entertaining. If you desire to visit this site and never get lost, you can book a taxi through prominent mobile apps using your smartphone. You can trust their services as they only hire professional chauffeurs to become a minicab driver.

Houses of Parliament

Among the countless tourist destinations in London, no place other than the Houses of Parliament symbolizes the power that the capital holds. Everyone can take a look at this 318-foot tower simply by riding a cab. When you arrive at the premises, directly walk inside to spot a giant clock along with a resounding bell, famously known as Big Ben. This bell is remarkable throughout the world for its chime as it bongs concurrently with the time signal of the BBC. Moreover, the public can also enjoy the spectacular view of Westminster Bridge. Additionally, this bridge is a route toward a fun spot for children known as the London Aquarium.

Tower of London

Once travelers land their foot at the famous Heathrow Airport in London, the first thing that they do is browse through their smartphones. After that, they will attempt to book an airport pick up Gatwick taxi to go to the glorious Tower of London. This is a must-see destination for London visitors because of its horrendous ancient torment story. It is famous as a former prison that inevitably turned into a palace with a treasure vault and a private zoo. The good thing is, this spectacular world heritage site is open to the public from 10 to 4 o’clock in the afternoon, London time. Fascinate yourselves with the highlights of the palace, including the crown jewels exhibition.

Tower Bridge

Adjacent to the Tower of London is the world-renowned Tower Bridge. Imagine one location with two different tourist attractions; what a fantastic concept. Because of this, visitors typically consider this getaway as a total package. This bridge was constructed with two huge towers on each side, rising 200 feet above the River of the Thames, which is a notable landmark in London. Fun fact: you can catch a sight of the entire structure of the bridge as the taxi passes through it, going to the spectacular tower. At that moment, always remember to take pictures and videos of the iconic bridge.