With the great need to protect the environment, and our natural resources the forces are in place for rapid development of products and services to meet these challenges. Together we should explore new opportunities and how we can help save our planet by the instruction and distribution of cleaner and greener products and solutions.

Every year our Earth is poked with nearly an infinite number of flags. Flags are also frequently used by industries such as utility building, pet containment, hardware, forestry, landscaping, line finding, advertising, and lawn care. Most frequently we see them where Fiber Optic Cable is being buried.

Aside from being a pollutant, these steel marking flags have caused accidents and harm, when they are utilised to identify existing buried infrastructure on private properties and homes. Fortunately, there’s a new Green alternative to this process.

Biodegradable marking flags are non-toxic to humans, animals, and the environment. Crews may use these flags to mark underground utility lines so excavation teams do not damage pipes and create hazardous situations.