Interior Design Picks for Residential and Commercial Space

When it concerns making a new house feel like home or conceptualizing spaces for business, interior design always comes first. Decorating your home is important as it gives you a peaceful and pleasant environment. Deciding on interior decoration for your business space is important as it should be appealing both to the employees and clients while being cost-effective and space-efficient at the same time. And it is the exact opposite when it comes to residential interior decoration, as many house owners prefer a luxurious one.

Interior Design Ideas

Industrial Interior Design

This design originated from factories built during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Unlike other methods, it uses materials like concrete, iron, steel, and bricks and exposes them instead of concealing them. Industrial interior design is nearly incomplete and raw to provide a casual environment that is unwinding to live in.

The design depends upon incorporating building materials, focusing on open layouts to make the room appear more extensive and similar to the industrial age, making it luxurious. Colors are typically neutral, like grays, browns, blacks, and white. Nowadays, many individuals pick this design for their loft apartments, modern homes, and business spaces worldwide. If you want a luxury interior designer in Dublin with industrial design, you can seek help from home designers who have the proficiency to achieve your goal.

Traditional Interior Design

The traditional style focuses on a classic and casual design from the 18th and 19th-century European sets, a timeless design for those who love classic art pieces, antiques, and other elements that are abundant with history. Many Americans grew up with this kind of home decoration, and most of them feel most at home and comfortable by it.

The goal of designing a traditional home is not to create a wow factor but to provide a comforting backdrop for family living that is at its finest comfy, classy and understated. This design is likewise best for commercial areas as people of different ages love going to traditionally styled locations as it naturally gives them peacefulness. It’s also a relaxing environment for a workplace, which helps in reducing stress. ┬áIt’s also a relaxing environment for a workplace, which helps in reducing stress. You can always look for award-winning Chelsea interior design services especially when you need experts to help achieve the traditional design you want.

Modern Interior Design

Modern design is an interior style identified by tidy lines, a monochromatic color combination, minimalism, natural light, and natural materials. It stems from a historical visual motion during the early to mid-twentieth century. Modern houses and commercial spaces are built with clean, straight lines and minimal ornamentation utilizing neutral colors like beige, white, black, gray, and pastel tones.

This design is popular in home interiors as it is close to minimalist design, which is also good in the business. It attracts investors efficiently and engages both the clients and employees for longer business and professional relationships. You can seek help in designing Surrey residential interiors for prestigious property development by finding interior designers on the web.


Whether you are designing your personality into your apartment, renovating a dream home, or maximizing the space of your business location, you can always find the ideal help from the internal designers of your choice for industrial, traditional, and modern interior decoration. You might have your design concepts, but you have no idea how well they can improve them because they have a team of talented designers, architects, and project managers, each with their enthusiasms and areas of expertise. We should remember that our home and business are our investments.