Important Information Regarding Party Wall Surveyor

In England, party wall disputes are prevalent. Party wall surveyors are essential for preventing conflict with neighbors and dealing with disagreements over party wall problems. A party wall surveyor serves as a bridge and brings both sides to an agreed point to smooth things. However, party wall problems are rather common; many people are confused by the term or lack specific knowledge of settling their party wall issues.

Common Response to Party Wall Notice

To proceed with your development projects involving a party wall, the building owner must first serve a Party Wall Notice to the neighbor to prevent legal problems. A party notice informs the second party regarding the project’s specific information. It allows the second party to show their agreement or dis-consent.

The second party sends their party wall notice response concerning a party wall notice. There are three options for the party wall response.

Consenting to the Works

Consenting to the Party Wall Notice reserves your (the neighboring owner’s) rights to be guarded under the Party Wall Act 1996. Therefore extra evaluation and input from a Party Wall Surveyor are not required.

Suppose you (the neighboring owner) agree and request a Schedule of Condition Report. In that case, the Party Wall Surveyor should inspect your property and compile the report. Once this report has been started and finished, the construction owner is free to proceed with the work.

Dis-consent & Want To Hire Party Wall Surveyor

Assume the adjoining owner objects to the Party Wall Notice and hires their own Party Wall Surveyor. In that instance, the building owner’s Wall Surveyor, like party wall surveyors in East London, will have to work with the adjoining owner to complete the Condition Report Schedule.

Before agreeing to a Party Wall Award (also called a Party Wall Agreement), which sets rules for the work that needs to be reported, the neighbor’s Party Wall Surveyor will check the Schedule of Condition Report to make it is correct and fair.

Dis-consent & Agree To Hire A Mutual Party Wall Surveyor

Disagreement with the Party Wall Notice and approval of the appointment of an Agreed Surveyor just means that the neighboring owner who received the Party Wall Notice has permitted the building owner to choose their Party Wall Surveyor.

In this case, the Party Wall Surveyor would keep working on the Schedule of Condition Report for the neighboring owner’s property before making and serving the Party Wall Award, which will govern the work.

Role Of Party Wall Surveyor

A party wall surveyor like Icon Surveyors is a legal counsel who checks a conflicted project involving a party wall or party wall construction. They are the legal entity that works as a link between two parties to reach the main point. The main function of hiring a party wall surveyor is to settle the dispute legally and without complications. A party wall surveyor walks you through the entire party wall conflict and dispute process.

In Conclusion

Party wall issues may appear unimportant, but they can quickly turn unpleasant if you fail to pay attention to the situation. A party wall surveyor makes it easy and legal for you to carry out your desired project in complete privacy and with the least disturbance. They assist you in preparing your future actions and attempt to legally guide the case in your favor.