Health and Safety: Clean Environment for Pet

Pets enrich our lives in many ways. They supply us with friendship and protection and are a source of amusement occasionally. Our family’s health, safety, and quality of life are a high priority, so we try to be as natural and green as we can in every area of our life. Pet health and security are included in our everyday routine because our pets are component of our loved ones. In the end, if they get sick or hurt, there are monetary and psychological costs for us and physical distress for our pets.

Most pet owners get preventative care for their pets – vaccines, flea and tick medication, heartworm pills, etc.. Many also buy treats and toys to keep pets freshen their breath, or as training programs. These items are all good so long as the pet owner does the essential homework regarding pet security. There are 3 major areas to consider when thinking of approaches to make sure pet health and security: environment, food, and toys. Each one is essential, even though some are more obvious than others are.

Your pet’s environment is where he or she spends most of their time. Naturally, if Fido stays outside, you make sure he has plenty of food and water, adequate shelter, and a fence to keep him close to home. When pets are kept inside, however, there are additional factors.

Consider where your pets spend the vast majority of their time – on the ground. Floors hold all kinds of dangers for pets, such as choking hazards. It is natural for us to clear a place of obvious hazards, but what about the things we can not see? The cleaning products we use to clean our carpets and hard surface flooring often leave behind a residue that pets can get on their paws. Needless to say, Fluffy will eventually lick her paws – that is what animals do – and ingest the chemicals. Another way cleaning residue (a.k.a. chemical toxins or toxin) can be ingested is when Buster licks the place where your toddler dropped his cookie.

One incident is likely nothing to be worried about, but as continuous exposure to chemicals can make people ill, your pet may also become sick, or even die. In the end, they are generally much smaller than we are. We have three dogs in our home, and one who visits every Thursday. Because they spend most of their time on our flooring nosing round the interior and exterior perimeters of the house, it’s important to maintain all areas safe and toxin free.

One reason we use wowgreen products is for pet health and security. Using wowgreen no-rinse floor cleaner gives us peace of mind that not only are our floors clean, but our pets aren’t picking up harmful chemicals in their paws. Since our pets are members of our loved ones, we do our best to provide them the highest quality of life we could. Wowgreen just helps to make this task easier.